OFM Service News – HRMS Change in PFML Adjustments

Monday, January 3, 2022 - 15:42
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New Adjustment Wage Type for PFML

HRMS has been updated with a new Wage Type for Paid Family Medical Leave (PFML) to make adjustments to PFML wages and premium amounts: 

Wage Type Code

Wage Type Long Text

Wage Type Short Text



PFML Taxable Wage Adj


Wage type that can be used to adjust an employee’s PFML taxable wages and premium amounts


Wage Type 2027 adjustments should be made by creating a new Additional Payment (0015) infotype record in the current payroll period, and amounts should be entered as follows:

  • Positive Amount: Increase PFML taxable wages
  • Negative Amount: Reduce PFML taxable wages

Adjustments using wage type 2027 cannot exceed the current calendar year’s wages. If an employee requires adjustments above the current calendar year’s wages, this will require intervention from the HRMS team so please reach out to HeretoHelp@ofm.wa.gov with the details of your adjustment.

Delimited PFML Adjustment Wage Types

The creation of this new wage type replaces the prior PFML adjustment wage types within the Additional Payments (0015) infotype. As such, the following PFML adjustment wage types have been delimted and should no longer be used:

Wage Type Code

Wage Type Long Text

Wage Type Short Text


EE PFML Family Adj



EE PFML Medical Adj



ER PFML Medical Adj



Settlement Payments Not Subject to PFML

As indicated in the HRMS changes due to Wa Cares / LTSS (UPDATE) communication, If an employee receives a settlement which is not subject to state taxes or retirement, create an Additional Payment (0015) infotype record using wage type 2055 dated within the same period as the settlement payment for the full settlement amount.  Wage type 2055 will reduce the taxable wages paid in the settlement that are not subject to all state taxes and retirement amounts.


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