OFM Service News – HRMS changes due to Wa Cares / LTSS (UPDATE)

Thursday, December 30, 2021 - 10:15
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Additional HRMS Changes Due to WA Cares / LTSS

All necessary HRMS changes have been implemented to begin collection of WA Cares / LTSS premiums. These changes include the creation of several new wage types that will deduct the appropriate premiums, accumulate wages and hours for reporting to ESD, and make adjustments to taxable wages. The new wage types are as follows:

Wage Type Code

Wage Type Long Text

Wage Type Short Text





Wage type that will deduct LTSS premium amounts from employee wages. This wage type will deduct premiums for all employees unless they have been systematically excluded from the new tax type or manually exempted on the Other Taxes – US (0235) infotype.


RE EE WA Cares Fund LTC


Wage type that will accumulate wages that are subject to LTSS premium assessment and/or reportable to ESD.


LTSS Taxable Wage Adj


Wage type that can be used to adjust an employee’s LTSS taxable wages and premium amounts. See information below on using this wage type.


Settlmt not subj StTx Ret


Wage type that will pay a settlement payment that is not subject to any state taxes and retirement amounts. This wage type is similar to 1055, except this payment is also exempt from state taxes.


Wage Type 2028 adjustments should be made by creating a new Additional Payment (0015) infotype record in the current payroll period, and amounts should be entered as follows:

  • Positive Amount: Increase LTSS taxable wages
  • Negative Amount: Reduce LTSS taxable wages

Adjustments using wage type 2028 cannot exceed the current calendar year’s wages. If an employee requires adjustments above the current calendar year’s wages, this will require intervention from the HRMS team so please reach out to HeretoHelp@ofm.wa.gov with the details of your adjustment.

Now that these new wage types are fully implemented in HRMS, you will begin to see them reflected in payroll simulations for the January 10, 2022 paycheck as appropriate.

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HRMS Changes Due to WA Cares / LTSS

HRMS has been updated to include a new tax type: WA Cares Fund LTC Tax (113). This new tax type will be used to collect premiums required by the Long-Term Services and Supports Trust / WA Cares program. Premiums are scheduled to begin on the January 10, 2022 paycheck.

If agencies have identified any employees as not subject to the LTSS premium, you can now begin manually excluding those employees from the new tax type. The following groups would need to be manually excluded:

  • Employees whose work is non-localized.
  • Employees who have applied for a received an approved LTSS exemption from Employment Security Department. (Be sure to pay careful attention to the exemption effective date.)
  • Any other individuals paid through HRMS who agencies have determined are not liable for LTSS premiums, and who are not systematically excluded.

Employees are manually excluded when agencies create an Other Taxes – US (0235) infotype record for the employee, and either select Exempt, reportable (R) or Exempt, not reportable (Y), depending on their reportability of wages. Refer to the available resources below for assistance determining exemptions, reportability, and the necessary steps to create the infotype record.

Available Resources

The following resources are available for you:

  • Employer Long Term Services and Supports FAQ – This document answers many questions about who is liable for premiums, ESD approved exemptions, on-boarding and off-boarding guidance, accounting of premiums, etc. Please note that this FAQ document was updated on December 16, which included some edits to the original answers and guidance. So please be sure to review the current version for the most accurate information.
  • Employer LTSS & PFML IT0235 Decision Matrix – Use this decision matrix to help determine whether employees require an Other Taxes – US (0235) infotype record and which exempt status should be used. This also includes localization rules and ESD’s localization flow chart. Since the localization rules are the same for LTSS and PFML, you can use the matrix to confirm your IT0235 records are accurate for PFML tax types as well.
  • User Procedures on the HRMS Support Hub – The following user procedures were updated to include LTSS information:
    • Other Taxes – US
    • Appointment Change Action (PY) – Transfer Different Agency
    • New Hire Action (PY) – Create New Hire Action
    • Rehire Action (PY) – Create Rehire ActionSeparation Action (PY) – Create Separation Action
  • PA30_IT0235_LTSS-WACaresFund_EE_Exemption_Tax_Type_113 winshuttle script – Use this spreadsheet if you have 30 or more records that need to be created on the Other Taxes – US (0235) infotype due to ESD approved exemptions, employee’s whose work is non-localized, or individuals you’ve identified are not liable for LTSS premiums. This script will exempt employees from tax type 113 – WA Cares Fund LTC Tax – EE.

Upcoming HRMS Changes

Not all of the necessary changes have been made in HRMS to accurately collect and report the new WA Cares / LTSS premiums. The associated wage types have not been finalized in production yet. Agencies will not see premium amounts reflected in payroll simulations for the January 10, 2022 paycheck. These changes will be finalized and implemented later this month. We are also still working on updating the appropriate user procedure(s) for making manual adjustments to employee wages and premium amounts. We will send another communication once all the necessary pieces have been implemented.


For questions about the WA Cares program that aren’t answered in the above resources, contact StrategicHR@ofm.wa.gov.

For technical assistance, contact:

OFM Help Desk


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