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Thursday, July 23, 2020 - 12:43
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In order to assist agencies in understanding the data reported to Employment Security Department (ESD) for unemployment benefits, we would like to share some helpful information with you.

Hours and Wages Not Reported to ESD

We have received reports of employees applying for unemployment benefits and were subsequently denied because no hours or wages were reported to ESD. If an employee reports this to you, the most likely cause is an exemption from Tax Type 010 – Employer Unemployment Tax within the Other Taxes US (0235) infotype. If an employee has been incorrectly exempted, you should immediately contact ESD and take one of the following actions within HRMS:

ESD has sent instructions and an amendment form to all Human Resource Directors to assist with amending hours and wages previously reported to ESD.  

Quarterly Reporting Dates

The reporting dates for the data that is sent from HRMS to ESD is as follows:

Quarter 1 – Dec 16 – Mar 15

Quarter 2 – Mar 16 – Jun 15

Quarter 3 – Jun 16 – Sep 15

Quarter 4 – Sep 16 – Dec 15

Reporting of Hours and Wages to ESD

OFM Reports Wage Types /5UH and /710 to ESD:

/5UH is the hours reported

/710 is the wages reported

Attached you will find a spreadsheet to assist in determining the breakdown of what is included and what is deducted to determine wage type /5UH.

Wage type hours for UI Reporting.xlsx

Running HRMS Reports to Verify Employee Hours and Wages

Agencies running reports within HRMS to determine what was reported should use the Wage Type Reporter (PC00_M99_CWTR) with the following selections:

  • Company Code – WA01
  • Personnel Number (Optional if running for specific employee or group of employees)
  • Personnel Area (optional if running for your agency)
  • Payroll Area – 11
  • Period:
    • Q1 – 12/16 to 3/15
    • Q2 – 03/16 to 06/15
    • Q3 – 06/16 to 09/15
    • Q4 – 09/16 to 12/15
  • Wage Type:
    • /5UH
    • /710


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