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Wednesday, January 5, 2022 - 15:13
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Sick Leave Buyout Eligibilty for Active and Inactive Employees

In the December A Release, OFM updated the Sick Leave Buyout process to include both Active and Inactive employees. After making these changes, we have discovered when running the report, Withdrawn employees may return in the data

ACTION REQUIRED:  Additional Step Needed to Run Buyout Statements Report


While we are working to update the coding for this report, it is imperative that agencies take an additional step when pulling their Buyout Statements (ZHR_RPTPY681) Report to eliminate employees who separated from state service on or before January 1, 2022. 

Before executing your report, within the Date Selection section, you must update the Data Effective Date to 12/31/2021 in order to avoid pulling employees into your report who have separated before meeting the requirements.  

Buyout Statements Report showing Date Selection section with Data Effective Date set to 12 31 2021

We have updated the Sick Leave Buyout – Determine Eligibility user procedure to reflect this change. 

Understanding Eligibility for Withdrawn Employees

A Withdrawn employee still qualifies for annual Sick Leave Buyout if they were Active or Inactive at any time in January of the buyout year. This means if an employee was either Active or Inactive any day within January 2022, they are still eligible. Employees are not eligible if they separated on or before January 1, 2022. Taking the additional step above will eliminate employees who are not eligible for Sick Leave Buyout because they separated from state service prior to the eligibility requirements.


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