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Wednesday, August 5, 2020 - 10:41
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OFM HRMS Basics eLearning Course

OFM is very excited to announce the launch of a new OFM HRMS Basics eLearning course. This is a completely new course and not an update of the previously posted course. We have been working diligently to answer your training needs. As many people are currently working from home, the launch of this course could not come at a better time for your new HRMS Professional Users or returning users who could use a refresher course. Our goal with this newly designed eLearning course is to offer a basic HRMS user-friendly learning experience for our HRMS community.


Agency Responsibility

Each new HRMS Professional User must complete this course prior to receiving HRMS access. OFM will not monitor this process, however, it is the responsibility of each agency’s HRMS Security Authorizer to ensure this has taken place prior to creating/requesting roles for a new user. Anyone completing this course can print a certificate upon completion of the course. The certificate should be provided to the HRMS Security Authorizer to receive HRMS roles.  


HRMS Basics Content & Accessing the Training

The new HRMS Basics course is available at no cost through the Department of Enterprise Service’s Learning Management System (LMS) and is approximately 90 minutes (1.5 hours). This course covers:

  • HRMS resources
  • Key terms and definitions
  • Navigating the system
  • Customization options


Course participants are asked to complete the course evaluation before they exit the course. The feedback will be critical in the development of additional new HRMS courses. 

The quickest way to access the course:


  1. Once logged in to the LMS select the “Featured” tile.

  1. The course name is “OFM HRMS Basics”.

The course works best with the preferred browsers:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox


HRMS Training History & Future

As many of you know, a large-scale effort began in February 2018 to modernize the look, feel, usability and accessibility of our HRMS training and reference materials. Early on, it became clear that to improve the experience of our user community, a new HRMS Support Hub website was needed to improve organization, search ability and maintenance of the content. In addition, our classroom and online trainings had become out of date. We have made many advancements in the HRMS training material arena and will continue to bring modern training for our HRMS community. Work has already begun on the next eLearning course - HRMS Reporting Basics.  Significant community feedback guided the decision to make this the next course to be developed.



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