Year End 2021

This web page provides the starting point for the 2021 HRMS year-end processes and activities. We will list and link all new postings and provide a schedule of year-end activities. We recommend that you review this page on a weekly basis to ensure you are aware of all new and updated information.

What's New

Tips for a smooth Year End processing cycle

  • Plan to attend the Personnel/Payroll Association meeting in November via Zoom.
  • Reconcile and correct data that may impact 2021 wage and tax reporting information as early as possible.
  • Research and correct employees who were locked out from the previous payroll. This includes employees that are currently inactive.
  • Prepare Master Data updates for the current period as early as possible. Master Data updates for the December 23rd pay period should be completed by close of business December 16, 2021.
  • Execute payroll simulations for all master data updates and check for claims, redlines and funding issues.
  • Reserve Day 3 for corrections, not for entering new data.
  • Visit the 2021 Year End Schedule to help plan your agency processing strategy.