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Wednesday, December 22, 2021 - 16:05

What is happening?

2021 tax adjustments can no longer be processed in HRMS. Agencies will need to manually update master data for employees who continue repayment in 2022 for overpayments that occurred in 2021 or earlier.

What does this mean to you?

Employees who have any Wage Type (WT) 3223-Repay Plan Deduction payments on Infotype (IT) 0014-Recurring Payments/Deductions and WT3224-Repay Balance on IT0015-Additional Payments will need their master data adjusted to net payment deductions.

Use the following procedure to adjust active repayment plans that started in 2021 or earlier and continue into 2022 (gross overpayments that employees are paying back to agencies).

  1. Use Wage Type Reporter PC00_M99_CWTR, to locate any employees with an existing WT3223 and WT3224. Note: WT3223 is the monthly payment and WT3224 is the declining balance.
  2. On the Display payroll results table PC_PAYRESULT, locate each employee’s December 23rd payroll and record the amounts displayed as WT3224 and WT3225-Repay Total. On the results table:
    a) WT3224 will reflect the remaining balance, and
    b) WT3225 will reflect the total payments made to date.
  3. Access the employee’s record in PA30, and on IT0014 use the edit button (pencil) to change the end date of the WT3223 payment to 12/15/2021. Save. The WT3224 balance will be presented and the amount should be changed to match the WT3225 amount that was recorded in step 2 from the payroll results table. Do not change the date.
  4. Take the remaining balance amount from WT3224 that was recorded in step 2 from the payroll results table and calculate the net amount to be repaid in 2022.
  5. This new net amount needs to be set up in IT0014 with WT3101-DB: Agency Reimbursement. Once saved, it will trigger a WT3111-Agency Reim Bal on IT0015. The start date should be 12/16/2021 to the estimated end date. Unlike the WT3223/3224, the declining balance will function as designed for WT3101/3111 so there is no need to be period specific with the deduction and balance amounts. Helpful reminder: Amounts entered with WT3101 are posted to GL1324.
  6. Run a pay simulation for period 01/2022 (transaction PC_M10_CALC_SIMU).
  7. Review the results table from the pay simulation for period 24/2021 and verify that there is a WT3223 deduction, a WT3225 repay total, but no WT3224 balance. This will verify that the WT3223/3224 has been properly ended. A remaining WT3224 balance will cause problems if future overpayment recoveries are attempted, so you should contact the OFM Help Desk for assistance if one remains.
  8. Review the results table from period 01/2022 to validate the correct amount is being deducted with WT3101. You should also see a WT3111-Agency Reim Bal and a WT3121-Agency Reimb Total.

You can find more information for collecting overpayments from a prior year on the OFM Website: http://www.ofm.wa.gov/resources/payroll/garnish_and_overpymts.asp


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