Time Management

Report Name Transaction Code Report Updated
Appointments with EIC at Year End Report ZHR_RPTPY675 11/15/06
Attendance System Change ZHR_RPTTM084 04/19/12
CATS Display Working Time CATS_DA 11/16/06
Display Leave Requests ZRPTARQDBVIEW 03/20/14
EVA Identifying Incorrect Balances ZHR_RPTTM084 01/07/13
Leave Activity Summary Report ZHR_RPTTM398 04/27/10
Leave Buyout Reporting to DRS_Correct PC00_M99_CWTR 05/09/06
Leave Requests Check ZRPTARQLIST 03/20/14
Leave Requests: Process Posting Errors ZRPTARQERR 03/20/14
MyPortal Substitution Report ZHR_ESS_SUBSREPORT 09/26/22
Preemptive Time Data Check ZHR_RPTPYN07 09/22/06
Shared Leave - Career Total PT_BAL00 08/03/10
Time Leveling CATC 08/05/10