Monthly - SAAM

Calculate holiday pay for hourly employees ensuring you are following SAAM guidelines. Refer to SAAM Manual 25.30.30.b for calculations.

Monthly - Health Care Authority

Use the monthly HCA reports you have received from HCA, the Reconciliation Template found on the OFM website, and the Health Care Reconciliation Report to reconcile the differences between Pay1 and HRMS amounts related to Account 035/GL 5181 and W-2 reporting requirements. . Use the Health Insurance Sample Reconciliation and Instructions resource as needed.

February - Sick Leave Buyout

1st Payroll Cutoff in February- Finalize processing Annual Sick Leave Buyout prior to the first payroll cutoff in February. 

  • Receive signed Sick Leave Buyout Forms from employees
  • Create Sick Leave Buyout record(s) - Buyouts should be effective January 31st

January - ZHR_RPTPY681

Mid-Jan – Receive opt-in/opt-out  forms from employees for Annual Sick Leave buyout. For employees who have opted in:

  • Create Sick Leave Buyout Forms using the Buyout Statements Report
  • Send Sick Leave Buyout Form(s) for return signature
    Be sure to include a “Respond no later than” date for return signature.

January - Sick Leave Buyout

1st Week in January – Begin processing Annual Sick Leave buyout:

  • Finalize sick leave processing of previous calendar year leave requests
  • Determine Eligibility
  • Contact eligible employees for opt-in/opt-out options
    Be sure to include a “Respond no later than” date to eligible employees.

Reporting Only Agencies should follow the Sick Leave Buyout – Reporting Only Agency Determine Eligibility/Calculate Sick Leave Buyout process

Day 3 Pre- Noon - ZHR_RPTFI1018

Run the IT1018 Position Cost Distribution report to identify positions with a mis-match in funding. Cost Distribution should match your business area coding. To update a Cost Distribution (0027) infotype record on the employee, refer to the Employee Cost Distribution – Change Existing Record user procedure.

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