This page provides a list of different reports generated in Human Resource Management System (HRMS). These reports offer step-by-step processes on how to access, view, run, and create custom reports to meet agency specific needs.

Title Transaction Code Procedure Updated
3rd Party Reconciliation ZHR_RPTFI0001_URMR 04/20/17
3rd Party Reconciliation PC00_M99_URMR 08/30/06
941 Quarterly Report PU19 11/04/08
Accrued and Mandatory Payroll Deductions ZHR_RPTPY010 02/21/07
Actions ZHR_RPTPA807 09/29/17
Active Employees with No Retirement Deductions Taken ZHR_RPTPY024 09/22/06
Annual Sick Leave Buyout Reports and Process ZHR_RPTPY681 03/11/09
Appointments with EIC at Year End Report ZHR_RPTPY675 11/15/06
Attendance System Change ZHR_RPTTM084 04/19/12
Authorized Positions Report ZHR_RPYTOM090 01/22/09
CATS Display Working Time CATS_DA 11/16/06
Corrections and Returns ZHR_RPTPY151 07/11/12
Cost Distribution - Employee (IT0027) ZHR_RPTFI0027 05/21/10
Date Specifications Report ZHR_RPTPA765 05/30/12
Display Leave Requests ZRPTARQDBVIEW 03/20/14
Display Pay Grade Structure S_AHR_61015554 07/29/09
Display Pay Scale Structure S_AHR_61015556 07/29/09
Earnings and Deductions Statement ZHR_RPTPY711 07/30/17
EFT Employee Letter ZHR_RPTPY713 07/19/12
Employee Basic Pay IT 8 History Report ZHR_RPTPAIT08 08/14/09
Employee Basic Pay IT 8 Report by Personnel Area ZHR_RPTPAIT08 08/10/09
Employee Basic Pay IT 8 Report by Specified Time Frame ZHR_RPTPAIT08 08/10/09
Employee Cost Distribution - Withdrawn Employees ZHR_RPTFI0027 & PA30 08/29/13
Employee Duty Station Reports ZHR_RPTPA805 09/29/16
Employee Position and Status Report ZHR_RPTPA231 07/27/11
Employee Year To Date Register ZHR_RPTPY646 09/22/06
EMS Employee ZHR_RPTPA802 06/25/13
EVA Identifying Incorrect Balances ZHR_RPTTM084 01/07/13
Exemption Expiration Report S_PH9_46000360 01/22/15
Existing Organizational Units S_AHR_61016491 08/17/09
Existing Positions S_AHR_61016502 08/17/09
Federal Employer Identification Numbers ZHR_RPTPY061 11/30/07
Financial Reporting Job Aid 12/16/08
Flexible Employee Data ZHR_RPTPAN02 06/03/08
Flexible Employee Data - Indirect Value ZHR_RPTPAN02 07/27/09
Flexible Employee Data - IRS Mandates ZHR_RPTPAN02 06/26/12
Flexible Employee Data - Next Increase Date ZHR_RPTPAN02 07/28/09
Free Search PA20, PA30 01/31/07
Garnishment Details S_AHR_61016146 04/03/07
General Reporting Job Aid 04/04/07
Health Care Activity Report ZHR_RPTBNN36 02/23/16
How to Identify Position to Position (B002) Relationships Report S_AHR_61016528 02/03/11
HRMS Payroll and Reports Job Aid 01/09/12
Job Class Planned Compensation Report ZHR_RPTOMN05 04/17/18
Leave Activity Summary Report ZHR_RPTTM398 04/27/10
Leave Buyout Reporting to DRS_Correct PC00_M99_CWTR 05/09/06
Leave Requests Check ZRPTARQLIST 03/20/14
Leave Requests: Process Posting Errors ZRPTARQERR 03/20/14
List Employees Related by Reference Personnel Number ZHR_RPTPYU38 08/18/09
Logged Changes in Infotype Data S_AHR_61016380 09/14/15
Medical Aid Detail Report ZHR_RPTPY394 03/02/11
Medical Aid Rates by Override Group ZHR_RPTPYU05 08/28/06
Movement and Turnover ZHR_RPTPYU26 08/30/16
Negative Summary Records ZHR_RPTPY455 09/27/06
Negative Tax per Federal EIN ZHR_RPTPY600 09/22/06
Non-State Employee*See Date Specifications Report* ZHR_RPTPA765 01/26/07
OM - Abolished Positions ZHR_RPTOMN01 11/02/09
OM - Audit-All Positions, Org/Job Changes ZHR_RPTOMN01 11/04/09
OM - New Positions ZHR_RPTOMN01 11/02/09
OM - Positions Reallocated ZHR_RPTOMN01 11/02/09
OM - Positions Transferred ZHR_RPTOMN01 11/02/09
OM - Staffing Assignments S_AHR_61016503 04/17/12
OM - Vacant Positions ZHR_RPTOMN01 11/02/09
OM- Changes for Job Class ZHR_RPTOMN02 06/29/12
OM- Changes for Org Unit ZHR_RPTOMN02 06/29/12
OM- Changes for Position ZHR_RPTOMN02 06/29/12
OM- Display Change Documents ZHR_RPTOMN02 06/29/12
Payroll Journal ZHR_RPTPYN33 09/27/06
Payroll Journal Voucher ZHR_RPTPY376 08/21/09
Payroll Posting ZHR_RPTPY126 07/16/13
Payroll Reconciliation Report PC00_M10_REC 01/28/15
Payroll Results Table PC_PAYRESULT 10/02/06
Payroll Simulation PC00_M10_CALC_SIMU 08/07/09
Payroll Simulation - Find an Overpayment PC00_M10_CALC_SIMU 03/27/12
Payroll Simulation Validate RPCIPE Error Corrections PC00_M10_CALC_SIMU 01/08/13
Payroll Simulation- Correction Run PC00_M10_CALC_SIMU 11/28/12
Payroll Threshold ZHR_RPTPYN09 08/02/12
Periodic Increment and Longevity Increase Historical Report ZHR_RPTPA804 09/23/14
Periodic Increment and Longevity Increase Projection Report ZHR_RPTPA803 10/28/14
Periodic Increment and Longevity Increase Projection Report-Display Missed PID/Longevity ZHR_RPTPA803 06/19/14
Position - Duty Station Reports ZHR_RPTOMN04 09/29/16
Position Cost Distribution Report 1018 ZHR_RPTFI1018 12/05/16
Position Description Report S_AHR_61016511 01/26/09
Position- Identify Position to Position Relationships S_AHR_61016528 02/03/11
Preemptive Basic Data Check ZHR_RPTPYN06 04/30/09
Preemptive Compensation Data Check ZHR_RPTPYN08 06/10/09
Preemptive Time Data Check ZHR_RPTPYN07 09/22/06
Reference Personnel Numbers S_AHR_61016358 02/13/07
Retro Date Exception ZHR_RPTPYN36 05/21/10
Running Reports in the Background Running Reports in the Background 01/07/13
Shared Leave - Career Total PT_BAL00 08/03/10
Spool_File SP01 10/07/08
Task Monitoring S_PH0_48000450 05/22/08
Tax Exempt Status ZHR_RPTPY661 04/29/11
Telephone Directory S_AHR_61016354 03/12/12
Time Leveling CATC 08/05/10
Time Spent in each Pay Scale Area/Type/Group/Level S_AHR_61016356 07/26/13
Vacant Positions S_AHR_61016509 03/16/10
Variants - Create and Retrieve PDF 10/11/06
W-4 Withholding Allowance Report S_PH9_46000361 01/22/15
Wage Type Assignment - Display G/L Accounts PC00_M99_DKON 05/23/07
Wage Type Report ZHR_RPTPY004 06/15/17
Wage Type Reporter PC00_M99_CWTR 04/28/11
Wages not subject to OASI Medicare ZHR_RPTPY632 08/04/09
Warrant/ACH Register and Summary ZHR_RPTPY635 08/20/10
WMS Activity Report ZHR_RPTOMN03 06/25/13
WMS Employee ZHR_RPTPA802 06/25/13
Year End Reports Job Aid 08/24/09