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Wednesday, December 6, 2023 - 12:56
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Clean-up Telework Data by May 1, 2024

OFM is asking all agencies to audit and clean-up their telework data in HRMS by May 1, 2024. This will ensure accurate reporting of telework participation so that agencies and OFM can make informed decisions on space use, specifically under the Statewide Space Use Policy and the state’s Six-Year Facilities Plan.

Telework status is crucial in space use, facility planning, budget development, workforce strategies and legislative initiatives. Accurate and timely data is vital to good decision-making. Beginning May 1, 2024, OFM will import data from HRMS to populate the employee counts and telework status in the Facilities Portfolio Management Tool (FPMT).

Data collected in HRMS and imported in FPMT will be expected to be up to date as of May 1, 2024.  If you see substantial flaws in your telework data, please report your anomaly to OFMFacilitiesoversig@ofm.wa.gov.

In addition, your agency should make a plan to continue to accurately maintain telework data beyond this initial data clean-up. Ensure you have a process in place to update changes to the employee’s telework participation level or to the position’s telework eligibility.

Use These Updated HRMS Resources to Assist You

OFM has recently updated HRMS resources related to telework coding to assist with your agency’s data clean-up and ongoing maintenance efforts. The updates to these resources reflect the following clarifications:

  • Provide more context on how telework data is used.
  • Incorporate percentages in the employee participation selection options definitions. The addition of percentages can help agencies convert various work schedules into the one, two, three, etc. days per week selection values, resulting in clear and consistent usage across the enterprise.
  • Emphasize that every employee should have an active Telework/Flex Work (Employee) infotype record that reflects the employee’s telework participation. The Telework field should not be left blank.
  • Maintain both the employee telework participation and the position telework eligibility. If a position has been marked as Not Eligible (NE) for telework but an employee in that position is currently participating in telework, then consider updating the position’s eligibility.


 The following HRMS resources have been updated to reflect these changes:

  • Data Definitions Resource Guide
    • Telework (EE)
    • Telework (POS)
  • Data Validation Guide
    • Modern Work (Telework / Flex Work / Compressed Work Week)
  • User Procedures
    • Telework/Flex Work (Employee)
    • Telework/Flex Work (Employee) – Create New Record
    • Telework/Flex Work (Employee) – Copy and Update Record
    • Telework/Flex Work (Employee) – Change Existing Record
    • New Hire Action (PA) – Create New Hire Action
    • Rehire Action (PA) – Create Rehire Action
    • Appointment Change Action (PA) – Transfer Different Agency
    • Appointment Change Action (PA) – Transfer Same Agency
    • Appointment Change Action (PA) – Change EE Subgroup or Adjustment of Hours
    • Appointment Change Action (PA) – In-Training Complete
    • Concurrent Employment Action (PA)

In addition, there are several Winshuttle scripts available for use when updating 30 or more records. Refer to the HRMS Support Hub Winshuttle Scripts webpage for more information. Or, if your agency process allows, employees can submit a request to update their telework participation status in MyPortal via the My Modern Work Environment tile.


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