Commonly Used Transaction Codes

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There are two ways to access a transaction in HRMS:

Menu - This will allow you to navigate through a series of drop down options.

Screenshot of user menu.

System Transaction Codes - These are specific codes that, when entered, will take you directly to a transaction screen in HRMS. Enter the transaction code in the Command Field on the Standard Toolbar.

Screenshot of system transaction codes.

Here is a list of commonly used transaction codes. Your access to each code depends on your roles in HRMS.

Transaction Code Transaction Name
CAT2 Time Sheet: Data Entry
CAT3 Time Sheet: Display Times
PA10 Display Personnel File
PA20 Display HR Master Data
PA30 Maintain HR Master Data
PA40 Personnel Actions
PA41 Change Entry Leaving Date
PA51 Display Time Data
PA61 Maintain Time Data
PA71 Fast Entry of Time Data
PO10 Maintain Organizational Unit
PO10D Display Organizational Unit
PO13 Maintain Position
PO13D Display Position
PO03 Maintain Job
PO03D Display Job
PP03 Maintain Plan Data (Create position/Org Unit)
PPOSE Display Organization and Staffing
PT50 Quota Overview
PU19 Tax Reporter
PUOC_10 Offcycle Workbench
FK03 Display Vendor (Accounting)
SP02 Display Spool Requests
ZCAT6 Transfer Time Data to HR Time Manage (Time Transfer)
ZCATA Transfer Time to Target Components (Time Transfer)
ZPT_BPC10 Leave Accrual and Quota Deduction (Leave Redistribution)
ZT60 Time Evaluation
ZRPTARQDBVIEW ESS Display Leave Requests Database
ZRPTARQERR ESS Process Posting Errors
ZRPTARQLIST ESS Check Leave Requests

To display both the name and the technical name (transaction code), follow the Display Transaction Codes procedure to update your system settings.

If you do not see your Command Field, click the Open Command Field button on the Standard Toolbar.

Screenshot of Open Command Field button.

Once the Command Field is displayed, enter the alphanumeric code for the transaction desired. You can also double click on the transaction from your Menu Tree.

The Command Field box displays an arrow which, when selected, will display a list of the last few transactions codes you have used.

Screenshot of recently used transaction codes.

You may also select from the drop down list if you would like.

Screenshot of transaction code selection.