January - ZHR_RPTPY681

Mid-Jan – Receive opt-in/opt-out  forms from employees for Annual Sick Leave buyout. For employees who have opted in:

  • Create Sick Leave Buyout Forms using the Buyout Statements Report
  • Send Sick Leave Buyout Form(s) for return signature
    Be sure to include a “Respond no later than” date for return signature.

January - Sick Leave Buyout

1st Week in January – Begin processing Annual Sick Leave buyout:

  • Finalize sick leave processing of previous calendar year leave requests
  • Determine Eligibility
  • Contact eligible employees for opt-in/opt-out options
    Be sure to include a “Respond no later than” date to eligible employees.

Reporting Only Agencies should follow the Sick Leave Buyout – Reporting Only Agency Determine Eligibility/Calculate Sick Leave Buyout process

January - SP01

Mid-Jan - Download your agency W-2 spool files to begin preperation for mailing.  Save spool files for your records.  HRMS will retain spool files until the last business day in January.