Monthly - SAAM

Calculate holiday pay for hourly employees ensuring you are following SAAM guidelines. Refer to SAAM Manual 25.30.30.b for calculations.

Monthly - Health Care Authority

Use the monthly HCA reports you have received from HCA, the Reconciliation Template found on the OFM website, and the Health Care Reconciliation Report to reconcile the differences between PAY1 and HRMS amounts related to Account 035/GL 5181 and W-2 reporting requirements. . Use the Health Insurance Sample Reconciliation and Instructions resource as needed.

Monthly - ZHR_RPTPY126

Run the Payroll Posting Report to check for accounting or funding discrepancies in payroll processing. This report will assist in reconciliation of GLS 1324, 5124, 5145, 5180, 5181, 5187, 5189, and 5199.

Monthly - ZHR_RPTPY376

Run the Payroll Journal Voucher Report to display records of money being transferred between agencies or out of HRMS as a result of payroll processing. This report will assist in reconciliation of GLs 1324, 5180, and 5187.     Be sure to utilize the Report IDs 13 and 14 to identify mid-period transfers.  


Run the Display Stored Payroll Results if you find an employee who is out of balance. This will allow you to look at the detail of what was processing, any arrears activity, and if there is retroactivity that may need to be accounted for. 

Monthly - PC00_M99_CWTR

Run the Wage Type Reporter to ensure the wage types processing are in accordance with your expectation. Run this report for Wage Type 3005 - Garnishment:     Writs to assist in balancing GL 5189.