Report Name Transaction Code Report Updated
Payroll Journal ZHR_RPTPYN33 09/27/06
Warrant/ACH Register and Summary ZHR_RPTPY635 08/20/10
Negative Tax per Federal EIN ZHR_RPTPY600 09/22/06
Negative Summary Records ZHR_RPTPY455 09/27/06
Medical Aid Detail Report ZHR_RPTPY394 03/02/11
Payroll Journal Voucher ZHR_RPTPY376 08/21/09
Payroll Posting ZHR_RPTPY126 07/16/13
Federal Employer Identification Numbers ZHR_RPTPY061 11/30/07
Accrued and Mandatory Payroll Deductions ZHR_RPTPY010 02/21/07
Cost Distribution - Employee (IT0027) ZHR_RPTFI0027 05/21/10
3rd Party Reconciliation ZHR_RPTFI0001_URMR 04/20/17
Exemption Expiration Report S_PH9_46000360 01/22/15
Payroll Results Table PC_PAYRESULT 10/02/06
3rd Party Reconciliation PC00_M99_URMR 08/30/06
Wage Type Assignment - Display G/L Accounts PC00_M99_DKON 05/23/07
Wage Type Reporter PC00_M99_CWTR 04/28/11
Payroll Reconciliation Report PC00_M10_REC 01/28/15
Financial Reporting Job Aid 12/16/08
HRMS Payroll and Reports Job Aid 01/09/12