Leave Request Administrator

The Leave Request Administrator role is provided to the professional users in each agency who are responsible for troubleshooting and resolving MyPortal Leave Request errors and issues. This access is only allowed for agencies that have been configured to use the MyPortal Leave Request Tool.

This is a supplemental role to SR3P_DE_T&A_PROC (Decentralized Time and Attendance Processor role).

The technical name for this role in HRMS is SR3P_DE_ESS_LR_ADMINISTRATOR.

Activities: The Leave Request Administrator role will perform the following key activities in HRMS:

  • Run the following¬†reports in HRMS for troubleshooting and resolving Leave Request errors and issues
    • ZRPTARQERR (Leave Requests: Process Posting Errors)
    • ZRPTARQDBVIEW (Display Leave Requests (Database of Requests))
    • ZRPTARQLIST (Leave Requests: Check)