Screen Elements

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SAP Easy Access with screen elements labeled with numbers and descriptions.


  1. Menu Bar - Contains the menus and functions that are available to you. The menu bar will vary depending on which screen and transaction you are in.
  2. Command Field - A direct selection field for transactions. Enter a transaction code and click Enter to go directly to that transaction.
  3. Standard Toolbar – Contains standard buttons to provide quick access to SAP functions. Any unavailable buttons will be greyed out depending on which screen and transaction you are in.
  4. Title Bar - Shows your current transaction title or activity in HRMS.
  5. Application Toolbar - Shows functions available for the current application or transaction.
  6. Menu Tree - Shows Favorites folder and SAP menu. Allows quick access to folders and transactions within HRMS.
  7. Status Bar - Shows system messages, such as errors and warnings.

You will find various keyboard shortcuts within the menus and toolbars; such as F1 for Help.