System Icons

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Toolbars may vary in HRMS depending on the transaction you are performing and your professional roles.

Screenshot of HRMS save button.

  • Save - Stores changes in the current transaction.

Screenshot of HRMS back button.

  • Back - Returns you to the last page viewed, without saving any changes.

Screenshot of HRMS exit button.

  • Exit – Cancels and exits the transaction you are currently in and returns to the SAP Easy Access screen. All unsaved data will be lost if you exit prior to saving. If you are on the SAP Easy Access screen, this button will log you off.

Screenshot of HRMS cancel button.

  • Cancel - Cancels the transaction you are currently in and returns to the SAP Easy Access screen. All unsaved data will be lost if you cancel prior to saving.

Screenshot of HRMS change button.

  • Change - Changes a record.

Screenshot of HRMS copy button.

  • Copy - Copies a record.

Screenshot of HRMS display button.

  • Display - Shows selected infotype data.

Screenshot of HRMS overview button.

  • Overview - Provides history of actions associated with an infotype.

Screenshot of HRMS refresh button.

  • Refresh – Refreshes data.

Screenshot of HRMS execute button.

  • Execute - Processes a transaction.

Screenshot of HRMS delete button.

  • Delete – Deletes a record.

Screenshot of HRMS delimit button.

  • Delimit – End dates a record.

Screenshot of HRMS enter button.

  • Enter – Validates required fields are entered before continuing.

Screenshot of HRMS move favorite up or down button.

  • Move Favorite Item Up/Down - Used frequently within transactions to move items up or down within the Favorites folder.

Screenshot of HRMS help button.

  • Help – To access HRMS help, place cursor in area or field where assistance is needed and select the icon. Fields that have been defined via the HRMS Data Definitions process will have “State of Washington Definition” at the top of the Help window.

Screenshot of HRMS customize local layout button.

  • Customize Local Layout – Allows changes to layout.

Screenshot of HRMS print button.

  • Print - Prints current screen.

Screenshot of HRMS find and find next button.

  • Find / Find Next - Searches for specific words on the screen.

Screenshot of HRMS page up and page down button.

  • Page Up / Page Down - Navigates from page to page within your session.

Screenshot of HRMS new session button.

  • New Session - Creates a new session.

Screenshot of HRMS user menu button.

  • User Menu - Lists the transaction codes according to the roles and authorization given to a particular user.

Screenshot of HRMS standard menu button.

  • Standard Menu - This is a standard SAP menu. The user will only be able to access transactions that they have roles and authorizations to access.

Screenshot of HRMS add to or delete from favorites button.

  • Add To / Delete From Favorites - Add/Delete frequently used transactions to the Favorites folder.