System Messages

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Screenshot of HRMS success icon.

  • Success Message - Appears on the status bar when action or entry has successfully completed. This icon will appear for various successes throughout the system (ie. successfully logged in, successfully created a new infotype, changes to an infotype have successfully saved).

Screenshot of HRMS error icon.

  • Error Message - Appears on the status bar when you have not completed a required entry. HRMS will not allow you to continue until you correct the error.

Screenshot of HRMS warning icon.

  • Warning - Appears on the status bar when HRMS detects a possible error. If everything has been entered correctly, you can press enter and continue with your work.

Screenshot of HRMS information icon.

  • Information – Appears on the status bar once you have completed a process. Information messages do not require any further action.

Screenshot of HRMS system abend icon.

  • System Abend - Indicates a problem with hardware or HRMS. Contact HRMS support for your agency if you encounter a system abend message.