Labor Relations

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Use these procedures to create or maintain a grievance on the Labor Relations (9102) infotype. The Labor Relations infotype is used to track the grievance process and steps.

Labor Relations - Create New Grievance Record

Labor Relations - Copy and Update Grievance Record

Labor Relations - Change Existing Record

Labor Relations - Delete Grievance Record


The grievance process is different for each collective bargaining agreement. Be sure to work closely with your agency Labor Relations Specialist or the Labor Relations section of OFM if you have questions pertaining to the process. 

Most commonly, grievances are processed in the following order:

  1. Step 1 through 3
  2. Pre-Arbitration or Mediation
  3. Arbitration

On occasion, there is a mutual agreement to bypass a step.

In order to track the grievance process outside of HRMS, you may use the Grievance Tracking Sheet.

The Labor Relations (9102) infotype is not reportable within HRMS. To pull reports on grievance data, use the Washington Workforce Analytics (WWA) GR001 - Grievance History report.