Garnishments - Writ Processing

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Procedure Updated: 

Use these procedures to create, maintain, adjust, and release employee writs on the Garnishment Document (0194), Garnishment Order (0195), or the Garnishment Adjustment (0216) infotypes.

Writ Process Overview:

  1. Writ is received by the agency.
  2. Agency provides first answer to requestor to distinguish how much will be collected.
  3. Funds are collected through the HRMS Payroll process and accumulate in Account 035, GL 5189.
  4. Agency provides second answer indicating how much was collected and accrued.
  5. Requestor provides information on how much is to be sent to them.
  6. Requested amount of funds are disbursed in one payment from the GL to the requestor.
  7. Refunds and Adjustments: If there was an over-collection, the employee is refunded through the payroll process by completing Garnishments - Writ Processing - Reactivate for Refund.

Note: Funds are still in GL 5189 and were not sent to the requestor. Refunds cannot take place if more than 180 days have passed since the writ was last active. If it is outside of the 180 day window, the refund must be processed outside of HRMS.


Service of a writ on the Office of the Attorney General is required pursuant to RCW 6.27.040 and RCW 4.92.020. If an agency receives a writ directly, without service on the Office of the Attorney General, return the writ to the creditor (plaintiff) noting that it was improperly served.

If you have questions on administering a writ, please contact the Public Records and Constituent Services Unit at the Attorney General’s Office:

(360) 753-9673