Personnel Administration

Day 0 - Work Schedule Substitution

Run a Periodic Increment and Longevity Increase Projection Report to identify employees receiving a Periodic Increment on a mid-period date (any date other than the first day of the pay period). Then run the Flexible Employee Data Report to identify any mid-period PID employees who are also on a 24/7 schedule. Create Schedule Substitutions for the entire period to avoid an error.

November - Agency action

Mid-Nov - Remind employees to update their mailing address for accurate W-2 mailings. Address changes can be made through MyPortal or the Addresses (0006) infotype. Refer to the  Addresses user procedures.

Quarterly - Date_Adjustments_Guide

Audit employees with leave without pay for potential date adjustments. Refer to  collective bargaining agreements and WAC 357 (or historical documentation as needed) for details on when date adjustments are needed and what criteria to consider. To correct a Date Specifications (0041) infotype record, refer to the  Date Specifications - Copy and Update Record user procedure.  To adjust a Next Inc Date in the Basic Pay (0008) infotype record, refer to the  Basic Pay - Add Next Increase Date user procedure.

Daily - S_PH0_48000450, Monitoring of Tasks – Update Status or Extend Record

Run the Task Monitoring Report to identify tasks that have been entered in the Monitoring of Tasks (0019) infotype that require action.  To update a Monitoring of Tasks (0019) infotype record, refer to the  Monitoring of Tasks – Update Status or Extend Record user procedure. 

Day 1 - ZHR_RPTPA803

Run the Periodic Increment and Longevity Increase Projection Report to identify any employees who have missed their increase for the period. Corrections should be made to Basic Pay (0008) infotype if necessary, refer to the Basic Pay – Add Next Increase Date procedure. ​

December - Payroll Cutoff Errors, Manual YTD adjustments, Cross-calendar year overpayment corrections

Final Day 4 in Dec - Research employees locked out of the 12/24 payroll. Take appropriate cross-calendar year actions to pay and correct employee.  This includes but is not limited to: pay employee outside of system, enter  manual YTD adjustments,  cross-calendar year overpayment corrections, etc.