Display Pay Scale Structure Report

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Procedure Updated: 

Use this report to view current and historical classified salary schedules, including steps and ranges. This report can display all or specific Pay Scale Types and Pay Scale Areas.


Pay Scale (salary schedule) information is available on the State HR Compensation Administration webpages.

  1. Enter transaction code S_AHR_61015556 in the command field and click the Enter button.

    Screenshot of command field.

  2. Complete the Key Date section.

    Select one of the following radio buttons:

    • Today
    • Other date

    Screenshot of key date section.


    The Key Date section will determine the effective date of your report results.

    Key date defaults to Today but can be changed to a different date.

    When selecting the Other date radio button, enter a key date.

  3. Complete the Other Data section.

    The following field is required:

    • Country Grouping

    The following fields are optional:

    Screenshot of further data section.


    The Other data section will assist in getting only the information needed. A selection is not required for each field.

    Country Grouping is a required field; always set this value to 10 for USA.

    Wage Types are not used in the Salary Schedule table so leave the Wage Type field blank.

    To get the entire compensation structure, you must also run the Display Pay Grade Structure Report (S_AHR_61015554).

  4. Click the Execute button.

    Sample report results:

    Sample of report data. Click to expand.

    Sample report results. Click to expand


    Columns included in the report results are based on the default layout for this report. The report layout can be changed.

    The full column names will display when hovering the cursor over the column headings.

    Refer to the PS rule grouping column to determine if the Amount is an hourly rate or semi-monthly amount. PS rule grouping 1 = Hourly and PS rule grouping 3 = Semi-monthly.

The following table maps each field to the infotype:

Report Field Infotype Name Infotype Number
From Planned Compensation 1005
To Planned Compensation 1005
Ty. Planned Compensation 1005
Pay Scale Type Planned Compensation 1005
PSA Planned Compensation 1005
Pay Scale Area Planned Compensation 1005
PS Rule Grouping Planned Compensation 1005
PS Group Planned Compensation 1005
Pay Scale Level Planned Compensation 1005
Amount Planned Compensation 1005