Effective Dating Infotypes

An infotype is an information unit that is used to maintain master data in the Human Resource Management System (HRMS). Each infotype is assigned a name and a four-digit code, and is capable of maintaining employee data with one or more records within the infotype. Below is a list of infotypes with recommended start and end dates for each.

Transaction Codes

Every transaction has a name (Transaction) and technical name (Transaction Code). For example, Maintain HR Master Data’s technical name (or transaction code) is PA30.

Transaction - A process that an end user performs to complete a business task, such as displaying employee information. Each transaction is assigned a transaction code.

Transaction Code - A code that provides end users access to the initial screen of a transaction, or specific area of HRMS to view business related information and/or to perform business related tasks (based on assigned roles).

Commonly Used Transaction Codes

There are two ways to access a transaction in HRMS:

Menu - This will allow you to navigate through a series of drop down options.

SAP Easy Access User Menu.

System Transaction Codes - These are specific codes that, when entered, will take you directly to a transaction screen in HRMS. Enter the transaction code in the Command Field on the Standard Toolbar.

HRMS Search - Use Personnel Number Direct Selection Search by SSN

Use this procedure to search by Social Security Number using the direct selection search function. Prior to entering a New Hire Action, you should always check to see if the employee already has a Personnel Number in HRMS; searching by social security number is recommended.

Use this procedure to search by employee Social Security Number using the Direct Selection search function in the Personnel no. field.