Garnishments - Standard Processing

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Procedure Updated: 

Use these procedures to create, maintain, adjust, and release employee garnishments on the Garnishment Document (0194), Garnishment Order (0195), or the Garnishment Adjustment (0216) infotypes.

Garnishment Process Overview:

  1. Garnishment is received by the agency.
  2. Garnishment is entered into HRMS with the correct vendor designation.
  3. Funds are sent every payroll to the vendor by way of each vendor’s requested payment model in AFRS.
  4. Adjustment Refunds: Though uncommon, a creditor may send a garnishment refund check directly to your agency. Your agency will need to either:
    1. Deposit funds into Account 035, GL 5199 and create a garnishment refund using the Additional Payment - Create one-time Payment or Deduction procedure with wage type 3100; or
    2. Process an adjustment refund using the Garnishments - Standard Processing - Create Adjustment Refund procedure.

Note: An adjustment refund cannot take place if more than 180 days have passed since the garnishment was last active. If it is outside of the 180 day window, the refund must be processed using the Additional Payment - Create One-time Payment or Deduction procedure with Wage Type 3100.


If you have questions on administering a garnishment, please contact the Public Records and Constituent Services Unit at the Attorney General’s Office:

(360) 753-9673