Reversing Payroll

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Use these procedures to process necessary actions when reversing an employee’s payroll, such as requesting to recover funds using either the ACH reversal or warrant cancellation process, and reversing the payroll in HRMS with the Off-Cycle Workbench.

While these actions can be used in conjunction with each other, it is important to only process the necessary procedures. If you are uncertain of which should be completed, please email


Processing an ACH reversal or a warrant cancellation does not reverse a payment in HRMS.

Do not perform an Off-Cycle Workbench reversal unless the funds have been returned or recovered by the agency through the ACH Reversal or the Warrant Cancellation process.

If a warrant is being reissued because it was lost, destroyed, or stolen, do not take any action in HRMS. These reissues are only dealing with net pay and do not affect payroll costs or the IRS Form W-2.