Reversing Payroll - Request an ACH Reversal

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Use this procedure to request an ACH reversal. Requesting an ACH reversal initiates a process in which the State of Washington attempts to recover a direct deposit payment from an employee’s financial institution.

You may not request an ACH reversal unless you are designated as your agency ACH Reversal Authorizer. Approval to request ACH reversals is granted through the Office of the State Treasurer.


ACH may only be reversed for the following reasons:

  • The deposit is a duplicate of a previous deposit.
  • The deposit was made to an employee not intended to be credited.
  • The deposit was for the wrong dollar amount.

Requests for ACH reversals can be made:

  • After Day 4 has completed.
  • On the actual pay date.
  • Up to 4 banking days after the pay date.

Do not email a request for ACH reversal. All requests for ACH reversals must be made over the phone.

  1. Step 1

    Gather the following mandatory information:

    • First and last name of employee
    • Employee bank account number
    • The full amount of the reversal
  2. Step 2

    Call OFM Help Desk at (360) 407-9100.

    • The initiation of an ACH reversal request does not guarantee funds will be returned from a financial institution. If the ACH reversal is successful, you will see a credit in the Agency Payroll Revolving Account (035), General Ledger 5124. Once the amount has been credited to Account 035, you can move forward with the Reversing Payroll - Reverse Payroll Using Off-Cycle Workbench procedure.