Substitute Admin Transaction – Delimit Substitute Relationship

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Procedure Updated: 

Use this procedure to delimit a MyPortal Substitute relationship. Delimiting a substitute relationship is necessary when it is no longer valid or the supervisor/manager or substitute has asked for the relationship to dissolve.  


It is recommended that all supervisors assign at least one Unplanned Substitute to ensure someone has the ability to approve leave in their absence.

Before beginning this procedure, you should have the 8-digit personnel numbers and the names of the supervisor and the substitute. Substitutes can only be created within HRMS if both employees share the same business area.

If you are accessing this action because a substitute relationship was created incorrectly, use Substitute Admin Transaction – Delete Substitute Relationships instead. It is recommended that if a substitute relationship is incorrect, processors delete the relationship.

If the supervisor/manager is still active in your agency, they can also utilize the MyPortal – Manage my Planned Substitutes or MyPortal – Manage my Unplanned Substitutes within MyPortal to delimit a substitution relationship.

  1. Step 1

    Enter transaction code ZHR_RPTTMU02 in the command field and click the Enter button.

    Command field with transaction code ZHR_RPTTMU02

  2. Step 2

    Complete the following field:

    • User

    Program Option screen with User field highlighted

    • Enter the 8-digit personnel number of the supervisor or manager you are delimiting the substitute relationship for.

  3. Step 3

    Click the Execute button.

  4. Step 4

    In the Name section of the Personal Substitutes box, click directly on the substitute’s name to select.

    Personal Substitutes screen with substitute name highlighted

  5. Step 5

    Click the Delimit button.

    Personal Substitutes screen with Delimit button highlighted

  6. Step 6

    In the Delimit Substitution box, complete the following fields:

    The following fields are mandatory:

    • Delimit date

    Delimit Substitution box with Delimit date highlighted

    • The Delimit date is the date the substitution should end.

  7. Step 7

    Click the Delimit button.

    Delimit Substitution box with Delimit button highlighted

  8. Step 8

    Click the Exit button on the Personal Substitutes box to return to the Substitute Admin Transaction Screen. 

    • You have completed delimiting a MyPortal substitute relationship. Processors should refer to the MyPortal Substitution Report to monitor substitute relationships within your agency.