Manual Adjustments for Healthcare Premiums - Identify Premium Adjustments

Procedure Updated: 

Use these procedures to identify manual adjustment amounts for medical and dental premiumes, surcharges, and health savings account contributions.

Then, you will use the adjustment amounts you identified to create manual adjustment entries using the appropriate procedure for new hire, rehire, or appointment change actions.



Healthcare premiums are paycheck based; meaning that healthcare premiums will process based on the active records in effect on the date of the paycheck. If there is no active record on the processing date, there is nothing for HRMS to process, and therefore we must manually adjust HRMS in certain circumstances.

The Manual Adjustments for Healthcare Premiums procedures are intended to provide best practice within HRMS. Please note that the official system of record for medical is Pay1. HRMS processes the payroll portion of benefit premiums only. Records are provided to HRMS through a Pay1 GAP file.

The gaining or losing agency adjustments can be entered into the system by either agency to ensure proper processing. Please be sure to communicate and work together to enter all the appropriate adjustments in a timely manner.