Reports Sorted by Letter: A

This page provides a list of different reports generated in Human Resource Management System (HRMS). These reports offer step-by-step processes on how to access, view, run, and create custom reports to meet agency specific needs.

Title Transaction Code Procedure Updated
Accrued and Mandatory Payroll Deductions ZHR_RPTPY010 02/21/07
Actions Report 05/10/19
Active Employees with No Retirement Deductions Taken ZHR_RPTPY024 09/22/06
Annual Sick Leave Buyout Reports and Process ZHR_RPTPY681 03/11/09
Appointments with EIC at Year End Report ZHR_RPTPY675 11/15/06
Attendance System Change ZHR_RPTTM084 04/19/12
Authorized Positions Report ZHR_RPYTOM090 01/22/09