Reports Sorted by Letter: O

This page provides a list of different reports generated in Human Resource Management System (HRMS). These reports offer step-by-step processes on how to access, view, run, and create custom reports to meet agency specific needs.

Title Transaction Code Procedure Updated
OM - Abolished Positions ZHR_RPTOMN01 11/02/09
OM - Audit-All Positions, Org/Job Changes ZHR_RPTOMN01 11/04/09
OM - New Positions ZHR_RPTOMN01 11/02/09
OM - Positions Reallocated ZHR_RPTOMN01 11/02/09
OM - Positions Transferred ZHR_RPTOMN01 11/02/09
OM - Staffing Assignments S_AHR_61016503 04/17/12
OM - Vacant Positions ZHR_RPTOMN01 11/02/09
OM- Changes for Job Class ZHR_RPTOMN02 06/29/12
OM- Changes for Org Unit ZHR_RPTOMN02 06/29/12
OM- Changes for Position ZHR_RPTOMN02 06/29/12
OM- Display Change Documents ZHR_RPTOMN02 06/29/12