Tax Reporter

The Tax Reporter role allows you to verify your federal deposits and liabilities are in balance after each payroll, create production runs and generation dates at the end of each quarter for your IRS Federal Form 941/Schedule B Quarterly Reports, and make manual year-to-date and deposit adjustments. It also allows you to review and rerun the Form W-2 Wage and Tax Statement for employees.

The technical name for this role in HRMS is SR3P_DE_TAX_REPORTER

Activities: The Tax Reporter role will perform the following key activities in HRMS:

  • Enter IRS Federal Form 941/Schedule B Quarterly Reports
  • Enter IRS Federal Form 941 X Correction Forms
  • Enter Generation Filing date for 941 Quarterly processes
  • Enter Manual Year-To-Date Adjustments and Deposit Adjustments
  • View W-2 Annual Reporting (W-2’s, 6559 report, and W-3 report, and Audit report if elected to run the report)
  • Enter W-2C’s for Employees with changes after main Year-End Processing
  • Reprint Employee W-2’s for current and past years
  • View 1099R Reporting (Board of Volunteer Firefighters only)