Manual Adjustments for Healthcare Premiums - New Hire or Rehire - On the 1st or 1st Working day of the Month

Procedure Updated: 

Use this procedure to assist with manual adjustments for healthcare premiums for employees who are newly hired or rehired on the 1st of the month or on the 1st working day of the month.


Before beginning with this procedure, you should have already completed the following identification procedures:

The identification procedures will assist in determining which manual adjustments will be required for the employee and the necessary adjustment amounts.

When a new hire or rehire who is eligible for health coverage starts on the first working day of the month, entries must be made on the Additional Payments (0015) infotype to collect health care premiums for the full month. These employees do not have a paycheck on the 10th of the month to deduct premiums from, therefore no contributions are automatically taken for the first half of the month. Adjustments are needed to collect amounts due for the full month on the 25th paycheck.  

All employee adjusting wage types must be keyed in the current period; adjusting wage types should not be entered retroactively.

  1. Step 1

    The manual adjustments should be entered into HRMS by creating Additional Payments (0015) infotype records using POSITIVE amounts dated within the current pay period.

    Create a separate Additional Payment (0015) infotype record for each of the wage types you have pre-determined to be necessary.

    The following manual adjustments are standard:

    • Employee Health Premium Adjustments
      • Wage Type 2983 - Health Adjustment Pretax, or
      • Wage Type 2984 - Health Adjustment Posttax
    • Employer Share Health Premium Adjustment
      • Wage Type 2550 - PEBB Funding Rate
    • Provider Cost of Medical & Dental (records premiums on W2)
      • Wage Type 2575 - Health – Provider

    The following Additional Payments are conditional:

    • Employer Share of HSA Account
      • Wage Type 2255 - HSA ER Contribution
    • Employee Spousal Surcharge
      • Wage Type 2583 - Spouse/DP Pretax Adj, or
      • Wage Type 2579 - Spouse/DP HP Post tax Adj
    • Employee Tobacco Surcharge
      • Wage Type 2582 - Tobacco Use Pretax Adj, or
      • Wage Type 2578 - Tobacco Use Post tax Adj