WMS and EMS Reports - WMS Salary Status Review Notification

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Use this report to view WMS employees and associated data for a specific key date or date range.

Caution: This report has logic built in that may be flawed. It attempts to identify Contract Actions, Review Actions, Salary Actions, and Status Actions. There may be better ways to identify or track this information, such as the Actions Report (ZHR_RPTPA807) or Employee Basic Pay IT 8 History Report (ZHR_RPTPAIT08).


The WMS and EMS Reports have four different report options. Use this procedure when running the WMS Salary/Status/Review Notification report.

The WMS Salary/Status/Review Notification report was built to display employees who are assigned the WMS Personnel Subarea. If employees are assigned to a WMS Job but their Personnel Subarea is not set to WMS, then they will not display in this report.

  1. Enter transaction code ZHR_RPTPA802 in the command field and click the Enter button.

    Screenshot of command field.

  2. Complete the Period section.

    The following fields will default:

    • Period From
    • Period To

    Screenshot of period section.


    The Period From and To fields will default to today’s date, but may be changed to a different date or date range.

    Report results will include all WMS employees who were active at any point during the period selected.

  3. Complete the Selection section.

    The following fields are optional:

    • Personnel Number
    • Personnel area
    • Business area
    • Organizational unit
    • Job

    Screenshot of selection section.


    The Selection section will assist in getting only the information needed. A selection is not required for each field.

  4. Select the WMS Salary/Status/Review Notification radio button.

    Screenshot of report type selection.


    This report procedure details using the WMS Salary/Status/Review Notification selection. Refer to the other WMS and EMS Reports procedures for using the different report selections:

  5. Click the Execute button.

    Sample report results:

    Sample report results. Click to expand.

    Sample report results. Click to expand.


    Columns included in the report results depend on your default layout for this report. The report layout can be changed or a previously saved layout can be selected.

The following table maps each field to the infotype:

Report Field Infotype Name Infotype Number
Employee Name Organizational Assignment 0001
PERNR Organizational Assignment 0001
JVAC Relationships 1001
Status Actions 0000
Term Date    
Perm Contract Elements 0016
Market Seg Relationships 1001
EE Group Organizational Assignment 0001
Contract Organizational Assignment 0001
IT 8 Reason Basic Pay 0008
IT 8 Reason Text Basic Pay 0008
PS Group Basic Pay 0008
Count Calculated  
PA Organizational Assignment 0001
Org Unit Organizational Assignment 0001
Org Title Organizational Assignment 0001
PSA Organizational Assignment 0001
Position Organizational Assignment 0001
Position Title Position Object 1000
Job Organizational Assignment 0001
Job Abbr Job Object 1000
WF Indicator Job Relationship 1001
PT Indicator Planned Working Time 0007
IT 8 Eff. Date Basic Pay 0008
Contract Action Programmed Logic  
Status Action Programmed Logic  
Review Action Programmed Logic  
Salary Action Programmed Logic  
Total Salary Basic Pay 0008
Next Increase Basic Pay 0008
Ann Date Date Specifications 0041
Appt Date Date Specifications 0041
WMS Review Date Specifications 0041