HR & Payroll Agency Contact List

The HR Payroll Agency Contact List is used for important agency contact information relating to HRMS and other HR/Payroll issues.

This information is helpful when coordination needs to happen between agencies when an employee is moving between two agencies or when sending personnel or payroll files. It is important agencies notify the WaTech Support Center when updates to these contacts are needed. Quarterly reminders will be sent to agencies.

Below is the HRMS agency contact list organized by agency name, personnel area, and contact information. The Personnel Area Cross Reference provides an alphabetic list of Agency Personnel Areas and corresponding agency codes.

Note: Please follow the steps below when an update is needed.

  • Send an email to the WaTech Support Center, to request additions, updates, or deletions to the HR & Payroll Agency Contact List.
  • Copy the current information from the contact list and paste it into your email with the corrections noted.
  • Remember to provide telephone numbers including area codes and email addresses.
  • Designate the contact as HR, P/R, Ret, Lv or ALL.