HRMS Change Request and Approval Process

Procedure Updated: 
Friday, June 4, 2021

The Office of Financial Management State HR Division serves as the business owner for many IT systems that support the statewide human resources and labor relations functions. The Human Resource Management System is the largest of those systems and general government agencies use HRMS to process personnel actions, payroll, and capture/ distribute statewide payroll and associated financial data.

Technology advances and changing business needs necessitate updates to the HRMS. To manage these changes, the HRMS Priorities Review Team was formed. This team’s goal is to manage resources while continuously improving and addressing agency and business needs. The HRMS Priorities Review Team meets regularly to discuss and prioritize incoming change requests.

If a change request is approved, it is prioritized based on impact and available resources. Changes are then scheduled for a release date, along with other HRMS maintenance and operations updates. In instances where a request is not approved, the requestor will be notified.

How do I submit an HRMS change request?

Change Request Contents

To ensure an informed review and assessment, be clear and informative in your change request, which should include the following:

  • What is your request?
  • What is the reason for this change? Is there a business case?
  • Are there any legal mandates that require this change? If so, list the RCW, WAC, or federal requirement pertaining to this mandate and the implementation date.
  • Are there any state or agency policies that require this change? If yes, list the policy and the implementation date.
  • If there are no legal mandates, state, or agency policies, when do you wish to have this change implemented?

Additional information required for requesting a Wage Type for collection of out-of-state taxes

  • Will the employee be working in a different state permanently, or is this for a defined period of time?
  • If this is for a determined period of time, what is the duration of the employee’s time in the other state?

Additional information required for requesting a New Schedule:

Confirmation from your AAG indicating the new schedule is in compliance. Please do not send a request for a new schedule without attaching your AAG email confirming compliance.

  • What is the detail of the schedule you are requesting?
  • Is this schedule in compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act?
  • How many employees are requiring this schedule?
  • Are there any rules or bargaining agreements mandating this schedule? If yes, list them.
  • Is there a critical business process benefited by assessing this schedule? If so, explain.
  • Are there agency efficiencies created by implementing this work schedule? If yes, explain.

Send all gathered information supporting your HRMS change requests to: