HRMS Change Request and Approval Process

Procedure Updated: 
Wednesday, January 25, 2023

The Office of Financial Management State HR Division serves as the business owner for many IT systems that support the statewide human resources and labor relations functions. The Human Resource Management System (HRMS) and MyPortal are the largest of those systems.

Technology advances, legislative updates, and changing business needs sometimes require updates to existing HR Systems. To manage these changes, the HR Payroll Priorities Review Team was formed. This team’s goal is to manage resources while continuously improving and addressing agency and business needs. The team meets regularly to discuss and prioritize incoming change requests.

If a change request is approved, it is prioritized based on risk, impact, and available resources. Changes are then scheduled for a release date, along with other maintenance and operations updates. In instances where a request is not approved, the requestor will be notified.

Please note that beginning January 2023, OFM no longer accepts requests for changes to existing HRMS GAP files or creation of a new HRMS GAP file.

Who may submit an HR Systems change request?

All change requests must be submitted by an agency HR and/or Payroll manager, depending on the type of update required.

How do I submit an HR Systems change request?

There are two ways authorized requestors can submit a request for an HR Systems change or enhancement:

Agencies within the State Government Network (SGN)

Agencies within the SGN should submit their request directly through OFM’s Service Now Automated Portal (SNAP) using the HR Application Change Request. Once all required information is input into the questionnaire, select the Request button in the upper right-hand corner of the form to submit your request. After selecting the Request button, the request will be immediately routed to the OFM Help Desk for review.

Agencies outside of the State Government Network (SGN)

Agencies outside of the SGN will submit their request via email. Your email must contain a completed Change Request/Enhancement Form with the required information. Send the completed form to:

Note: Not sure if your agency is part of the SGN? Contact your agency’s IT department for clarification.