Payroll Cutoff Errors

OFM is committed to providing assistance and solutions to agencies and employees during payroll processing. It is important that if you need assistance to correct a problem, you send a ticket in to so that we can assist you as soon as possible.

  • Payroll Redlines - These errors can be caused by a number of reasons. Please reference Common Redline Errors to identify and correct a Payroll Redline.
  • ALAS Errors – These errors indicate something is out-of-balance financially. Please reference Common ALAS Errors to identify and correct an ALAS error.
  • RPCIPE Errors – Please reference Common RPCIPE Errors for identifying and correcting a RPCIPE error.

Payroll Period 10

5/1/2022 - 5/15/2022

Day 0 - Payroll Errors Day 1 - Payroll Errors Day 2 - Payroll Errors Day 3 - Payroll Errors Day 4 - Locked Employees
Post Date 5/18/2022 Post Date  5/19/2022 Post Date  5/20/2022 Post Date 5/20/2022 Post Date 5/23/2022
Day 0 Errors Day 1 Errors Day 2 Errors Day 3 Noon Locked Employees


Payroll Redlines will stop payroll calculation for an employee, meaning the payroll process stops before the RPCIPE and ALAS errors are checked.

The lack of payroll redlines does not mean there are no RPCIPE or ALAS errors.

RPCIPE and ALAS errors are identified on the error reports and will not show on a Payroll Simulation or SP01 Spool as a redline. Errors are posted on Days 1 through 4 for a reporting period of Day 0 through 4 (Locked Employees).  As an addition to assisting in clearing errors, the error report posted the afternoon of Day 3 and the Locked Employees will include redline errors in addition to the RPCIPE and ALAS errors.

Please reference the Payroll Calendars for payroll processing dates.