Technical Requirements

HRMS (SAP) Access

There are two methods for accessing HRMS: SAP GUI Windows client, and the Virtual Private Network (VPN). SAP GUI is available to HRMS professional users only. The following areas will assist in accessing both the SAP GUI and the Virtual Private Network (VPN):

SAP GUI Windows Client Software

SAP GUI is the preferred access method for frequent HRMS users, and must be used when the user:

  • Needs full scope of HRMS functionality
  • Uses Windows oriented applications in conjunction with HRMS (Microsoft Office and etc.)
  • Requires multiple user sessions (maximum of 6)
  • Creates Ad Hoc reports
  • Prints large reports
  • Accesses Business Explorer
  • Requires file transfers

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

If your agency is not in the State Government Network (SGN) contact WaTech to discuss VPN services in order to establish an alternate method of accessing HRMS remotely.  

MyPortal - All State Employees

MyPortal is an employee self-service tool that allows employees to:

  • View earnings statements
  • Manage email address
  • Manage mailing or permanent residence address
  • Manage emergency contacts
  • Manage leave requests

URL, access from anywhere
  • – For agencies that are part of the State Enterprise Active Directory (EAD) or Active Directory Federated Services (ADFS) – most common. Enables single sign on.
  • – For agencies that are not part of the EAD or ADFS. Requires a User ID and Password to logon.
User ID: Personnel Number or work email address

Required if outside the State Government Network or for agencies that are not part of the EAD or ADFS.




Required if outside the State Government Network or for agencies that are not part of the EAD or ADFS.


  • MyPortal password generated for users outside the EAD or ADFS
  • Network logon password if part of the EAD or ADFS


SAP 7.60 Software Download

All current SAP GUI updates and patches can be downloaded from this page.

Downloads are primarily upgrades and patches for applications that reside on the desktop, or agency networks and enable interaction with HRMS.

The most current SAP GUI 7.60 is available for download. If you currently have SAP GUI 7.40 installed, the installation file will automatically convert the HRMS menu entries in the “saplogon.ini” file to “SAPUILandscape.xml” when you upgrade to SAP GUI 7.60.

SAP GUI 7.40 version interface remains viable, and though we are not requiring an immediate upgrade to SAP GUI 7.60 at this time, the upgrade to SAP GUI 7.60 is recommended prior to requesting technical support from the OFM Help Desk.

Always review instructions prior to downloading.

Download name Version/ Patch Level Last Updated Tips and Instructions Download files

SAP GUI 7.60 Installation Instructions

SAP 7.60


SAP GUI 7.60 Installation instructions for Windows 10 Operating System.

Installation instructions file SAPGUI 760 Install can also be found inside of the SAPGUI760PRO folder after you unzipped it.
SAP GUI 7.60 Installation package

SAP 7.60

10/24/2019 This SAP GUI 760 Installation is brand new version of SAP GUI and includes SAP GUI 7.60. Be sure to review Installation instructions prior to starting the installation. Be sure to review Installation instructions prior to starting download.  

If you experience difficulties after downloading SAP GUI 7.60, please use the SAP GUI 7.60 Installation Troubleshoot Guide for assistance.