HRMS Security

Procedure Updated: 
Wednesday, September 28, 2022

The Human Resource Management System (HRMS) is the enterprise HR and payroll system for Washington State government. HRMS security administration is performed by the HRMS Security Team at OFM.

The HRMS Security team accepts HRMS access and role assignment/change requests from agency designated HRMS security contacts only. Agency HRMS security contacts include an agency authorizer and requestor.

  • Security Contact Authorizer - an agency employee authorized to make changes to the agency HRMS Security contact list. An authorizer may submit HRMS Role Request forms.
  • Security Requestor - an agency employee authorized by the Security Contact Authorizer to submit HRMS Role Request forms.

Exception requests for access to HRMS for unique purposes will not be granted without detailed business rational.  Request must be submitted to prior to access request to the OFM Help Desk.

Each new HRMS Professional User must complete the OFM HRMS Basics course prior to receiving HRMS access. OFM will not monitor this process, however, it is the responsibility of each agency’s HRMS Security Authorizer/Requestor to ensure this has taken place prior to requesting roles or access for a new user.

HRMS Security recommends the agency Security Reporting role be assigned to at least one agency HRMS security contact. This role allows the user to view all agency professional user accounts, role assignments and other security related reports. See Agency Security Reporting Role document for instructions to execute the transaction codes.