Sick Leave Buyout - Reporting Only Agency Determine Eligibility/Calculate Sick Leave Buyout

Use this procedure to assist in determining if an employee is eligible for Sick Leave Buyout and calculate the Sick Leave Buyout amount if your agency only reports sick leave hours to HRMS.

Because your agency uses an internal leave system, detailed leave activity is not available in HRMS; however, eligible employees still have the option to participate in the annual Sick Leave Buyout program.

Sick Leave Buyout - Create Sick Leave Buyout Forms

Use this procedure to create Sick Leave Buyout forms for eligible employees who have opted-in.

Prior to using this procedure, you should have already:

  1. Determined eligibility
  2. Contacted eligible employees for opt-in/opt-out options
  3. Received confirmation from employees who have elected to opt-in

Follow the Sick Leave Buyout - Determine Eligibility user procedure if these steps have not yet been completed.