Reversing Payroll - Request an ACH Reversal

Use this procedure to request an ACH reversal. Requesting an ACH reversal initiates a process in which the State of Washington attempts to recover a direct deposit payment from an employee’s financial institution.

You may not request an ACH reversal unless you are designated as your agency ACH Reversal Authorizer. Approval to request ACH reversals is granted through the Office of the State Treasurer.

Reversing Payroll

Use these procedures to process necessary actions when reversing an employee’s payroll, such as requesting to recover funds using either the ACH reversal or warrant cancellation process, and reversing the payroll in HRMS with the Off-Cycle Workbench.

While these actions can be used in conjunction with each other, it is important to only process the necessary procedures. If you are uncertain of which should be completed, please email

Separation Action (PY) - Correct Erroneous Separation Date

Use this procedure to correct the separation date of an employee who had the incorrect effective date entered during a separation action.

This procedure will take you through the steps to delete the infotypes created and extend the end date of infotypes delimited during the erroneous separation action. Once all roles have completed their deletions and/or corrections, the personnel administration processor will enter a new separation action with the correct separation date.