Common ALAS Errors

Automated Liability Apportionment Solution (ALAS) is a payroll program which runs Day 0 through the final Day 3 payroll run. If an ALAS error is reported, this means that there is an out of balance financially.

Most commonly, ALAS errors are caused when one or more of the following is present in the payroll period:

Claim present in the current payroll period

  • A claim in the current period, means there is not enough pay to process a retro-reduction in pay coming forward. /561 is a claim in the period, and claim in the current period will always cause an ALAS error and must be offset to allow the person to process through payroll. See instructions on the Overpayment procedure to offset the claim. Use the payroll simulation to validate that the claim has been properly offset, once the /561 is no longer showing the employee will not have an ALAS error.

Retro over a period that has previously been reversed

  • A retro over a period that has previously been reversed and crosses multiple business areas will cause an ALAS error. Additionally, if an employee transfers to a new agency and the losing agency reverses the final payroll period with them, this will also result in an ALAS error. These situations are most easily identified by looking at the Payroll Results to see if the employee’s retro includes any payroll periods with the Reversal Indicator on. These claims must be corrected by contacting OFM for assistance. Please email to request an elimination of the retro for the employee.