Common Redline Errors

Procedure Updated: 
Friday, April 26, 2024

Payroll redlines can be present for a number of different reasons and can be caused from changes across any module. Below is a list of the most common payroll errors with an identified solution.

If you are unable to identify a solution for a payroll redline, please email for assistance.

Redline Most Likely Cause Most Common Solution
Assignment to feature PPMOD did not take place A Gap in Basic Pay record dates Select Overview on Basic Pay (0008) infotype to look for a gap or missing dates.
Division by zero not performed Calculation Rule ZPPF*/810 Missing or incomplete Basic Pay (0008) infotype record. View Basic Pay (0008) infotype records to verify there are hours entered in the WkHrs/Period field. Select Overview on Basic Pay (0008) infotype to look for a gap or missing dates.
EE is on 24/7 schedule with no 1223 entry The employee is salaried 24/7 and there are no 1223 entries. Place the employee in a schedule or correct CATS entry to 1223 instead of a different code (commonly see Wage Type 1200).
Hourly rate from I0554 for salaried EE In Hourly Rate per Assignment (0554) infotype, the system has detected an hourly rate entry and the employee is salaried. Check Hourly Rate per Assignment (0554) infotype as well as other hourly/salary settings for the employee, all entries must match.
Infotype 0210: W-4 for federal tax authority is missing. Period 000000, check date 00/00/00001. Please check Infotype 0210 Entry or information within Withholding Info W4/W5 US (0210) infotype is either missing or it has a break in records. Check Withholding Info W4/W5 US (0210) infotype information to make sure there is a complete history without breaks.
Jump from DAYPR to detailed log Incorrect generation of wage types End User is running Schema U000 prior to executing Payroll Simulation. Update Schema to ZP00 and continue Payroll Simulation.
Mid Per Percnt Chg Not Valid W/Man 1223 The employee has a mid period percentage change and manual 1223/1423 entries were created in CATS to try to split it out. Remove the 1223/1423s from CATS, run a Time Transfer, and build a schedule through schedule substitutions for the period.
Missing entry in table T5UGE Model for levy statement 0001 filing status 1 number of exemptions/dependents 00 The employee has an IRS Tax levy, and the filing status on the order is missing a number. Must have at least 1 exemption. Check the filing status exemptions in the Withholding Info W4/W5 US (0210) infotype.
Missing IT0234 Medical Aid Override Group Missing or incomplete Add. Withh. Info US (0234) infotype. Check Add. Withh. Info US (0234) infotype information to make sure there is a complete history without breaks.
Negative Gross Pay is not Allowed Check for a negative gross adjustment in the period. If the employee has no pay, redline will present. Negative gross cannot be more than positive gross. Check for adjustments or a negative gross in Additional Payments (0015) or Recurring Payments/Deductions (0014) infotypes.
Negative payments don’t include wage type 1003 Check for an overallocation of the employee's time. Compare CATS and the employee's schedule with the amount of hours that have been keyed. Add up all hours (work, sick, vacation, etc). Time entered cannot exceed hours scheduled.
Negative payments don’t include wage type 1706 The employee is Directly Valued within their Basic Pay (0008) infotype record and Wage Type 1706 (Assignment pay) is present in Employee Remuneration Info (0210) infotype. Directly Valued Employees cannot have Wage Type 1706 entries. Either Indirectly Value the employee or use a different Wage Type to pay the Assignment Pay.
No old results for garnishment XXXX in cluster RU for last 180.00 days A Garnishment Adjustment Refund has been processed on a garnishment that is over 180 days old. Delete the Garnishment Adjustment Refund, and process the refund manually within Additional Payments (0015) infotype using Wage Type 3100.
Not every unaccounted period is in current for employee Please update the earlies MD change date in Infotype 3 Most commonly caused by an offcycle workbench reversal of a period which contained a retro. This error cannot be corrected by the agency. Send an email to for assistance.
Payroll not possible because data is missing: No entry in table WPBP WPBP infotypes have been end dated or have a break in the records. Check Infotypes 0000, 0001, 0007, 0008, and 0027 to make sure they are complete.
Period Start 00/00/0000 before earliest pso.. RA run date 00/00/0000 The Earl.Pers.RA Date has been set to a date which does not cover the periods processing. Update the Earl.Pers.RA Date to begin with the date the redline is requesting.
Personnel no. 00000000 rejected because infotype 9 is missing Missing or incomplete Bank Details (0009) infotype data. Check Bank Details (0009) infotype information to make sure there is a complete history without breaks.
Retroactive accounting dat set by system, 00/00/0000, is before earliest possible retroactive accounting date 00/00/0000 A change has been entered in the employee's Master Data which was effective dated prior to the Earl.pers.RA. Date. Remove or adjust the Earl.pers.RA. Date to cover the entire retro period.
RFC connection BSI10-US-Tax for BIS Taxfactory version... Basis error. Send an email to for assistance immediately.
STOP: No rule in key… (all except ZADR) A Rule is missing in production which will prohibit payroll from running for this employee. Send an email to for assistance immediately.
STOP: No rule in key ZADR Address (0006) infotype is missing, incomplete, or the Bank Details (0009) infotype does not have a "City" entry (caused from an incomplete address). Secondary cause is a retro to HRMS go-live. Ensure that the employee has an active Address (1) for their entire working history. If retro to 2006 is in place, send an email to for assistance immediately.
Surcharge Exists with no Health Plan A Tobacco Surcharge is entered on Benefits Medical Information (0376) infotype and the employee does not have an active Health Plan (0167) record. Check Benefits Medical Information (0376) infotype and the Health Plan (0167) record to ensure the entries coincide with each other.
System could not determine the state for unemployment insurance. Please specify it in Infotype 0209 Missing or incomplete Unemployment State (0209) infotype data. Check Unemployment State (0209) infotype information to make sure there is a complete history without breaks.
Tax company XXXX with tax authority XX and tax type XXX does not exist! Please check View V_T5UTI. Out-of-state employees across different business areas mid-period, gaining agency not configured to process OOS. Losing agency end all out-of-state taxes effective last full pay period or pay check with agency; enter manual adjustments for partial pay period as needed.
Termination in operation ERROR GROSS PAY > $25K REQUIRES OVERRIDE The employee's pay has exceeded the $25,000 safety check within one pay period. If appropriate, create an Additional Payments (0015) infotype record using Wage Type 1199 with a Value of 1 within the pay period in which the employee has a redline.
Termination in operation ERROR More 12x x $ THAN BASE PAY $ CHK ABS Too many hours (most likely 1222) have been keyed for the pay period in accordance with the hours available for work. Check CATS, Absences, and 2010 to see if there are more hours being paid than hours available to the employee.
Termination in operation ERROR… Only 4 Splits Allowed More than 4 payroll splits are present within the period. One full unbroken payroll period with no changes is one split. There cannot be more than 3 mid-period changes for the employee. Reduce the number of splits (mid-period changes) in the period. Check Infotypes 0000, 0001, 0007, 0008, and 0027. To eliminate a split, the start date should be the first day of the period if appropriate.
Termination in operation error… Ret Plan End Date S/B End of Pay Period The Savings Plan (0169) infotype record has been end dated incorrectly. Update the Savings Plan (0169) records so they are delimited the last day of the pay period in which the employee is separating.
Termination in operation error…. No WT 1423 1st Partial Period Missing a 1423 entry on the first working day of the period for the new or rehired employee. Check CATS for the 1423 (hours worked) entry and ensure it is entered on the first working day of the period.
Termination in operation error…. Part time ee on 24/7 w/out 1223… HRMS is requesting a single entry of 1223 to define the total scheduled hours for the employee for the pay period. Check CATS for the 1223 (hours available) entry.
Termination in operation error…. Too much Additional W/H Adjust IT0210 Too much Additional Withholding is attempting to process in comparison with the employee's pay. Update the Withholding Info W4/W5 US (0210) infotype for the pay period with a lower Additional Withholding amount.
There is an absence in the inactive period! An absence is present in a period in which the employee is not active. Remove all absences dated within the inactive period.
Total 1423 Must Equal 1223 The total of 1423s and 1223s do not match for the period Check CATS for a difference in hours and make adjustments accordingly.
VEBA in DDNTK Please Fix VEBA buyout is attempting to process in a period with no additional pay ro process mandatory PFML.  Employer must cover Employee PFML premiums. Create Additional Payment for full amount of PFML using Wage Type 3100. JV amount from agency program to credit GL 5199.