Personnel Administration Inquirer

The Personnel Administration Inquirer role has the ability to view human resource information once it is entered in HRMS.

The technical name for this role in HRMS is SR3P_DE_PERS_ADMIN_INQ.

Activities: The Personnel Administration Inquirer role will perform the following key activities in HRMS:

  • View employee organization assignment (e.g., organization, position)
  • View employee new hire and rehire information
    • Personal data (e.g., name, address, gender, date of birth, SSN)
    • Education
    • Previous employment (optional for agencies to use)
    • Date specifications (e.g., anniversary dates, seniority dates, and unbroken dates)
    • Work Schedule
    • Residency status (citizenship)
    • Military status
  • View employee appointment change actions (e.g., demotion, promotion, and transfer)
  • View employee extended leave of absence action (e.g., maternity)
  • View employee separation action
  • View basic payroll information